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10AM - 6PM MON - FRI

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50 Abbotsford Rd Bowen Hills Queensland 4006

Please contact via facebook, email or sms as I do not answer voice calls on the phone




Minimum charge $30


G U I T A R S + B A S S E S

Straight restring $30 + strings

Full setup $100 + strings + parts
*floating trem designs attract no additional fees

Electronics customization + pickup installation please contact for quote

Replacement nut = full setup + $60

Fret level and recrown/polish = full setup + $80

Full refret from $300

Parts guitar full build from $200

All other work please contact for a quote


A M P L I F I E R S + F X

Amp valve fitting and rebias $50 + parts

Amp general servicing, recap or repairs from $50 + parts

Effects pedal repairs from $30 + parts

All other work please contact for a quote



Turnaround varies in relation to the size and difficulty of the job. Generally allow at least a week for most work. Urgent requests can be facilitated but will attract an addtional fee.





I repair guitars full time. my shop is located inside Via Studios (which I also co-own) providing rehearsal space for approximately 50 bands per week. I also currently play in Deafcult, and have been in active bands for over 20 years; and playing music for 35 years. I understand what musicians require from their equipment, and I am commited to ensure reliability and personalized setups for players at every level. All work comes with a 100% guaranatee, no fix, no charge.

photo by kerry rowe

I have worked for (in no particular order):

Aversions Crown, West Thebarton, Deadlights, Violent Soho, A Night in Texas, Shackles, The Kransky Sisters, In Death, Died Pretty, The Comfort, Hope Drone, Upon a Burning Body, We Lost the Sea, The Grates. The Schoenberg Automaton, The John Steel Singers, Gravier, Kodiak Empire, The Brave, Disentomb, Stepson, Every Time I Die, Black Lotus, The Black Market, The Disables. Shandy, Boss Fight, Epithets, A Breach of Silence, Bertie Page Clinic, To the North, Army of Champions, The Iron Eye, Slug Guts, El Motel, I Heart Hiroshima, I Shall Devour, As Paradise Falls, Therapist, Arrows, We Set Sail, Vyrion, Evil Eye, Sleepwell, Lifeblood, Seas of Valoria, Lizzard Wizzard, Descent, The Flangapanis, Povarotti, Malakyte, The Construct, Caetera, Wildheart, Lagerstein, Halfway, Sum of Us, Hits, Feathers, Shitgrinder, Shane Fell, Silkacid, Lawrence English, Seja, de Nada, Amicable Treason, la Dispute, Make More, Dick Nasty, The Gifthorse, Headaches, Marathon, Shellfin, Forty Five, Dreamtime, Big Dead, Beth Lucas, The Quickening, Willows, Dead Yet, Sick People, Six o'clock Knock, Hraun, 4 Dead, Thigh Master, The Cutaways, Ultramaterial, Kiri, Zodiak, Weightless in Orbit, Elkenwood, Therein, Requin, Dave is a Spy, Spitn Nails, She Cries Wolf. Brazen Bull, Avarice's Fall, Clever, Per Purpose, Martyr Privates, Semantics, Pissed On, The Way We Were, Friends with the Enemy, Vasculitis, Arrivals, Idylls, Pretty Cruel, Deluso, The Strums, Punktilious, Electric Suede, Black Vacation, Dag, Manhunt, She Eats Hearts, Wolf Wolf Wolf, Season Unending, Fuzzpilot, Chronolyth, Blank Realm, Scotch and Soda, Godnose, Vomit bullets, Rare Words, The Vegas Kings, Ape Farm, Turnpike, Daybreakers, The Struggle, The Fevered, The Bear Hunt, Balloons Kill Babies, Apate, Cheeky Velvet, Bang Bang Boss Kelly, Howling Yime, Siberian Hell Sounds, Mtns, Bayharbour, The A Team, Perpetrator, The Royal Artillery, Bottlecock, Screamfeeder and many more




ABN 26 801 347 635

Effects repairs from $30 + parts. no SMD repairs.
Straight string swap and tune - no setup, no cleaning.
All pots and jacks cleaned and checked, caps checked, fuses checked, general clean - customer contact prior to replacing any parts.
All valve sockets cleaned, valves installed and burned in, bias set.
Kit or parts guitar scratch build - all parts fitted, all wiring, frets levelled + full setup.
Bound or unbound, any fretboard, your choice of fretwire, add $100 for stainless.
Neck straightened and fret tops leveled, recrowned and polished. Stainless frets add $50. Must be done in conjunction with a full setup.
Replacement bone or tusq nut included in cost - add $50 for brass nut. No plastic. must be done in conjunction with a full setup.
Includes full fret polish, ultrasonic bridge cleaning and saddle deburring, fret reseating and spot level if required, electronics check and clean, fret board treatment, full body clean, tuner lube, truss rod adjustment, nut slot correction, case clean, string height adjustment, saddle radius correction and intonation to desired tuning.
Like for like pickup swaps $50 + parts. If routing, active to passive (or vice versa) conversion or custom controls are required please contact for a detailed quote. Some instruments (ie telecasters) require the bridge to be dismantled to replace the pickups so a full setup is recommended.